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All members open a share savings account when they become a member. Members may also open additional savings accounts for special purposes. Dividends are declared and paid quarterly.

Share Draft accounts are checking accounts provided to our members at no monthly cost. The only costs incurred on share draft accounts are low average balance fees, for accounts with an average balance of less than $50 per month, and non-sufficient fund charges for over drafted accounts. Dividends are paid on accounts that maintain an average balance of $1,000 or more per month. ATM/Debit cards with the VISA logo are available for share draft accounts. In addition, the first box of checks is on us!!

Share Certificate Accounts are certificate of deposit accounts. There is a $1,000 minimum balance and dividends are paid monthly.


We offer a variety of loan products to our members that meet the credit requirements. Credit scoring is used to determine rates, terms, and other conditions that may apply. The credit score ranges that we use are as follows:

A= 680+ B= 640-679 C=600-639 D= 555-599

Any score below the minimum requirements results in no loan. Share Secured Loans are not subject to credit approval. The types of loans we offer are listed below:

Signature-non-collateralized loans that range from $500-$3,000.

Seasonal Signature Loans are also offered.

Share Secured-loans that are secured by shares held in the credit union.

New/Used Auto Loans-loans on new/used automobiles.

Other Title Loans-loans on other titles such as RV’s, Motorcycles, & Trailers.


We offer member pay Credit Life and Credit Disability through CUNA Mutual Insurance. Credit Life pays the balance of your loan in the event of your death. Credit Disability protects you in the event that you are under doctor’s care and unable to work. Coverages are for the borrower, or the borrower and co-borrower. Premiums are added to the monthly payments of the loan. There are restrictions and exclusions related to these coverages and members should ensure they fully understand the insurance information.


Guaranteed Asset Protection, known commonly as GAP, protects borrowers in the event their vehicle is totaled and they owe more than the vehicle’s value; therefore, more than the insurance is going to pay. The cost of the extra protection is minimal and may be financed with your vehicle.



We accept payroll deduction or direct deposit from any agency or employer capable of transmitting the information through the Federal Reserve ACH system. For the correct routing number and account number please contact the credit union to ensure your deposit is not delayed.


You can authorize an outside company or financial institution to make automatic monthly payments from your share account or share draft account. For instance, you can have your monthly auto insurance debited from your account on the same day of every month to ensure timely payments. Please be careful in giving out the information to have this service performed. Most companies are very reputable and there aren’t any problems with this service. However, be leary of people phoning you and asking for the information. Before establishing an automatic debit, please contact the credit union to obtain the correct routing and account number to ensure your payment is not delayed.


Visa ATM/Debit cards are available to our qualifying members who have a share draft checking account. These cards can be used at ATM’s to withdraw cash or to make point of sale purchases at any retailer that accepts VISA. You can use your card to buy groceries at HEB, purchase gasoline at a convenience store, make hotel reservations, buy items online or by phone, and for many other purposes. These purchases are debited from your account and not added to a credit line. To avoid paying surcharges at ATM’s you can use your card at point of sale purchases to receive cash back. This card is provided to our members for free, except when a replacement card must be ordered.

Falcon Fraud Manager – Your Debit Card Protector

We want you to use your debit card with convenience wherever you go, whether traveling on business or enjoying a vacation. To help ensure uninterrupted service during your time away from home, please provide us with your travel plans before you leave.

This enhances our ability of getting in contact with you in the event that any suspicious activity is detected on your account during your trip. By giving us your contact information, such as telephone numbers and travel destination(s) with start and end dates, you will obtain better service while you’re away.

If you find you are unable to use your card after Credit Union hours and think your card may be blocked please call Falcon Fraud Manager @ 1-888-241-2440

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